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8U Coach/Kid pitch Softball

The 8U coach pitch division primarily focuses on fun, instruction, and love of the game. It is at this age group many kids get their first experience at softball and building the foundation of quality softball skills and enjoyment.  Fundamentals are the main goal at this age group.  

Players have their first experience hitting from a player pitcher.  The girls pitch the first two innings with an opportunity to strike a batter out, give up a hit, or throw four balls at which time the coach comes in to pitch three balls to the batter. The idea is to get the girls exposure to pitching but not at the expense of the batter or the game at hand. If the pitcher isn't throwing well the batter still gets the opportunity to hit from her coach.  After the second inning it is coach pitch only as a way to keep the game moving along and build all other aspects of defensive and offensive skill. 

The girls will have a blast!!  They will experience working together as a team and the team bonding that accompanies it will help build their confidence and love of the game!!

Please come play MSA!!