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Congratulation's to MSA's Championship WINNERS


2014 NSA World Series Champions 18U  B Div  July   Coaches:  Brian McCaw/Lester Hedrick


2012 Top Gun Southern Slam,                               Rock Hill, SC            Aug. 4-5,              HS Division            - 2nd Place - MSA Cobras, Matthews NC        Coaches: Heath Nestor

2012 Top Gun Sports Spring World Series "NIT"   Ft. Mill, SC               March 10-11,        12 & Under "A"      2nd Place - MSA Cobras, Matthews NC        Coaches:  Heath Nestor/Andy Smith

2012 Top Gun Spring National "NIT"                     Concord/Clt NC        March 17-18,        14 & Under "A"      - 3rd Place - MSA Cobras, Matthews NC     Coaches: Derrick Williams

2012 Top Gun Sports March Madness                   Huntersville, NC       March 25,             12 & Under "A"      - 1st Place - MSA Cobras, Matthews NC        Coaches:  Heath Nestor/Andy Smith

2012 Top Gun Spring National "NIT"                     Concord/Clt NC        March 31-April 1,   14 & Under "A"     - 4th Place - MSA Cobras, Matthews NC     Coaches: Derrick Williams

2012 Top Gun Easter Bunny Bash                         Locust, NC,              April 7, 2012         12 & Under "A"      - 2nd Place - MSA Cobras, Matthews NC       Coaches:  Heath Nestor/Andy Smith

More to come...


2011 Nov TG Hits Like a Girl AA div                 MSA COBRAS 14u    Coaches:  Derrick Williams/Brian Smith

2011 October TG Hits Like a Girl AA div           MSA COBRAS 12u    Coaches:  Heath Nestor/Andy Smith

2011 July TG Summer World Series B div        MSA COBRAS 14u    Coaches: Swenson/Baird/Parish/Takac

2011 June TG Summer State A Div                   MSA Cobras 14U   Coaches:  Brian McCaw/Craig Newsome


2010 NCAAU Top Gun AUTUMN FEST 40' div             MSA COBRAS 14U       Coaches   Swenson/Baird/Paris/Takac

2010 NCAAU Sweet "16" Fall Rumble A div                 MSA Cobras 14U           Coaches:  McCaw/Smith/Newsome

2010 NCAAU Summer Heat Series A div                     MSA Cobras 10U           Coaches:  Smith/Hallman/Groulx

2010 NCAAU Magnificent 8 Champions AA div          MSA COBRAS 12U        Coaches:  Swenson/Baird/Paris/Takac

2010 NCAAU Spring State Champions  AA div           MSA COBRAS 12u           Coaches:  Swenson/Baird/Paris


2009  Fall Char-Meck 10U Champions                       MSA CRUSHERS 10U    Coaches:  Hallman/McCaw/Groulx

2009 NCAAU TOP GUN  "AA"                                        MSA COBRAS 12U           Coaches:  Swenson/Baird

2009 NCAAU Nationals A Division                               MSA Cobras 14U              Coaches:  Presley/McClanahan

2009 NCAAU Nationals B Division                              MSA Cobras 12u               Coaches:  McCaw/Keziah

2009 NCAAU TOP GUN State Champs                     MSA Cobras 14u               Coaches:  Presley/McClanahan

2009 NCAAU TOP GUN State Champs                     MSA  Cobras 8U                Coaches:  Hallman/Groulx/Arboleda
2009 NCAAU TOP GUN Spring Nationals                 MSA Cobras 14U              Coaches:  Presley/McClanahan


2008 NCAAU Winter Nationals                                    MSA 10U Cobras               Coaches:  Swenson/Baird

2008 NCAAU Top Gun Winter Nationals                   MSA 10U Cobras               Coaches:  Swenson/Baird 


2008 NSA World Series Warm-Up                            MSA 8u Cobras                  Coaches:  Schoolcraft/McCaw/Hallman

2008 NCAAU State Champions                                  MSA 10u Cobras                Coaches:  Swenson/Baird

2008 NSA Summer Shoot Out                                    MSA 8u Cobras                   Coaches:  Schoolcraft/McCaw/Hallman

2008 AAU Spring National Champions                    MSA 10u Cobras                Coaches:   Swenson/Baird


2007 NSA Summer Shoot Out                                   MSA 8u Cobras                   Coaches:   Swenson/Baird

2007 Spring Char-Meck 10u Champions                MSA 10u Eagles                 Coach:        Reid

2007  AAU Sping National Champions                    MSA 14u Cobras                 Coach:        Krebec

2007 AAU TopGun NIT Champions                          MSA 10u Cobras                 Coach:        Cramond

2006 Spring Char-Meck 15U Champions               MSA 15u Southern Belles  Coach:        Bjorson

2006 USSSA NC State Champions                         MSA 8u Cobras                     Coach:        Swenson