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I want to take a moment to thank all the people who supported MSA by both selling and buying raffle tickets. As mentioned before, the Season Raffle ticket Fund Raiser is an important factor in raising money to fund programs for the league.
The Results are in for the Fall 2012 Raffle:
First place and $500.00 goes to…
Howard White, (Ticket sold by 16U Meghan Tarduno)
Second Place and $250.00 goes to…
Joan Foster, (Ticket sold by 14U Travel Natalie Hensel)
Third Place and $100.00 goes to…
Ethel Brady, (Ticket sold by 16U Shelby Brady)
Secondary Prizes:
  • The player that sold the most tickets receives $50.00.
    • Congradulations Kristiana from Keith Hensel’s 14U Travel Team
  • The team that sold the most tickets and won a pizza party.
    • Congradulations Keith Hensel’s 14U Travel Team
  • For every 15 tickets each girl sold, their name was put into a drawing to win $25. We drew two $25 winners from this group.
    • Congradulations Kaitlyn Coleman,  from  Bryan Comb’s 12U Team.
    • Congradulations Shannon Hannan, from Ron Fallatt’s and Ed Elley’s  16U Team.
    • The players who made this select group are:
      • MSA 10U- Rick Strawn
        • Abbotts, Mary
        • Stublaski, Angelica
      • MSA 12U-1 Beth Cole
      • Baugh, Addie
      • Byrne, Christine
      • Coleman, Kaitlyn
      • Combs, Margaret
      • Kruse, Reagan
      • Wright, Victoria
      • Brady, Shelby
      • Carlton, Sarah
      • Combs, Elizabeth
      • Hannan, Shannon
      • Hannan, Tara
      • Jones, Taylor
      • Perry, Madalynne
      • Smith, Carlie
      • Jenny
      • Kristiana
      • Natalie
      • MSA 12U-2 Bryan Combs
      • MSA 16U- MSA
      • MSA T 14U-1 Keith Hensel
  • Every 30 tickets sold by a player, that player will receive a $25 gift Certificate to Dick’s!
    • Congradulations Kristiana from Keith Hensel’s 14U Travel Team
Thanks again,
Ron Fallatt