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Sharon S Baucom Courage and Spirit Award 

2010:  Bridget Mulligan   

We love all our MSA families of course, but the Mulligan family is a very special family to us this year. One of the happiest, most easy going, loving, and caring fathers in our league was the late Fintan Mulligan, Bridget's father. Fintan passed away suddenly just before Christmas. He was survived by his wife Corrine and two daughters Bridget and Quinn. Quinn is not currently playing but has played for MSA in the past. Despite losing her father at a such a special time of year, Bridget came back to MSA this Spring season and played. Having just lost her father she showed great character to be able to bounce back so quickly and enjoy a sport she wanted to play. Bridget is a joy to have on any team. She is a team player, she encourages her teammates and she demonstrates leadership. Bridget was exemplary to her team even during this tragic time for her and her family. Join with me in congratulating Bridget Mulligan as this year's Sharon Baucom Award.


Kent Adamson came to MSA two years ago with a spunky daughter named Andrea. Andrea and her family caught the bug and have been playing softball ever since. Kent wanted so badly to help but he was suffering from a heart condition and his wife Kathleen said that he could not “come out and play.” He has been regulated to the sideline to cheer and root for Annie and her teammates. Almost always seen at the games Kent and his family supported all of MSA
Kent and the Adamson family have been huge supporters of MSA and when our shed burned down at Providence he helped out at one of the worst times in MSA history. Kent has always been at the games encouraging Annie and desperately wanting to help out. He exudes the spirit that this award is championed for and the courage to survive.
To all, Kent had a successful heart transplant and is rehabbing hoping to coach soon with MSA.
In honor of his sprit to the game and courage to continue to fight to survive he is the 2009 Sharon S Baucom Spirit/Courage award recipient.
Kent will soon be able to come out and play!

2007: Herb Lemon

2006: Sharon S Baucom