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MSA Coaches Handbook
The purpose of this document is to assure that each head coach within the MSA organization understands the requirements and recommendations needed for the players, families and coaching staff to have a safe, fun and successful experience.
It is a tough job coaching youth sports, as you must devote much time and energy to be successful. MSA is built with the family in mind, as it was started and is still maintained by mothers and fathers of players. No MSA coach or board member earns a salary for what we do, but you do get paid. You get paid when you see the girls smile, laugh and become what we hope to be life long friends. You get paid when you see the girls in a public setting and get a hug, a smile, a high five or all of the above. Winning is not the entire reason we do what we do at MSA. With great attitudes from the coaching staff, proper instruction, good use of practice times and a fun and inviting atmosphere, the winning will come. Let’s not forget that we do what we do…for the girls! No brash attitudes, cursing or belittling of players abilities will be tolerated. You are a role model for these children and reflect heavily on them. MSA thanks you for your dedication, all that you have done in the past and all that you will do moving forward! THANK YOU!!
The MSA board is comprised of 11 members with specific duties. You will find a list of the Board Memebers, their duties and contact information on the MSA website.  Or CLICK HERE for contact information or CLICK HERE for description of duties.
Pre-assessment Mandatory Coaches Meeting:
The morning of each Saturday assessment, all coaches and required board members will meet at a designated placed, 7:30am, to go over the processes of the assessments/drafts, introduce new coaches and to have any questions answered as an open forum.
All new coaches who have not done so prior MUST supply a copy of their state issued drivers license. We do run background checks on all coach prospects as required by MSA, Char-Meck and our insurance supplier.
You will rate each player based on shown ability in four categories comprised of fielding, catching, throwing and hitting. The scale will be ranked as 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. You must be present or have a representative present for you to assess the players. Please bare in mind that if you send someone to assess for you, this does not assure that his or her child will be on your team. A draft will commence either on the same day or the day following.
All coaches within their respective age group will meet at an agreed upon location and will have a non-bias board member present to oversee the process. Each coach’s daughter(s) will be placed within the round they have fallen due to rankings and MUST be taken in that round, no exceptions. Prior to the draft commencing, each coach will blind draw a number to see which order the draft will take place. MSA performs a snake draft to be most fair. Example of this is if 8U has three coaches, the coach picking first will pick one girl. The second coach will pick one girl. The third coach will pick a girl and then a second. Then the second coach will pick a girl. Then the first coach will pick a girl and then a second and so forth. Although we do not allow for special requests to be made to have said girl on your team (unless a gentleman/woman’s agreement takes place) all coaches will be required to come to an arrangement in which every team has a starting pitcher.
Note: Player ranking consists of an average of all coach’s scores for said player. In the event one score is not within reason of the others, a brief discussion will take place to come to a fair assessment of that player. Players not present, but known, will be given a score by the party who knows the player. New signups who are not present at the assessment period will be issued a score of zero and placed at the bottom as a blind draw.
A coach does not have to draft from the current round if he/she so chooses.
Once teams have been decided upon, the overseeing board member will report back to MSA the results and a spreadsheet will be created with all of the information for your players. This will be emailed to you as soon as possible. Upon receiving this contact information, it is recommended that you contact your player’s families within 24hrs and welcome them to the team. There is nothing worse for a young girl than to have to sit and wonder who her coach is. Reach out quickly!
Practice schedules:
The Recreation Coordinator will create a “Startup” practice schedule for all teams to begin with. Once you have this in place, you can then start going to the website and click the “Master Schedule” link to the left and start searching for additional times. Once you have comprised a requested list, forward to the rec coordinator to review. He will place you in as many time slots as he is able. MSA does have the luxury of four fields, but with daylight savings time in the fall, we lose the later evening opportunities at Crestdale and JM Robinson Middles Schools, due to the inability to light the fields.

* All further practice requests gonig forward should be sent to  and the website director will scheudle accordingly. 
**It is strongly suggested that at the beginning or end of your first practice, that you make time to sit with the team, including parents and potential coaches and discuss what your direction and requests are. Remember that one coach cannot have a successful team. It takes the help of quality assistants, great parent communication, and a great team mom/parent along with the parent’s willingness to attempt to work with the girls away from the field. Invite every parent you have to bring a glove and get involved. Run multiple stations every chance you get. Plan out your practices in advance so you will get the most quality out of your 1-1/2 hours. Remember that girls love relays at the end of practice as well. If you cannot communicate with your team, you will have a miserable season. Most importantly, make sure the girls become friends immediately to ensure that no one feels like they do not belong. Make it safe and fun while also instructional.
Game schedules:
MSA has no control over the release of the game schedules. Char-Meck creates a schedule of approximately 1000 games each recreational season and this takes an abundance of time. The games cannot be scheduled until all 9 associations report in their headcounts, so please remain patient. You will have the schedule forwarded to you as soon as it is made available.
Although it is not a player requirement to have a bat and cleats, it is recommended that parents purchase these items for their daughter(s). The cleats for the purpose of proper footing to discourage injuries while running and the bat to match the player’s size and strength. Gloves are a requirement of course, as you may only have enough players to field all defensive positions and no one sitting to borrow from. All helmets MUST have a facemask attached to prevent a ball from making contact with the player’s face. Fielding masks or mouthpieces are mandatory for all infielders in all age groups.

The following is a list of equipment each coach should be issued by MSA, by age group category:
Equipment bag, (4) batters helmets (small), Minimum (10) soft tee-balls (We do not play with actual softballs in the tee-ball league due to safety)
Equipment bag, (3) batters helmets (small/medium), Minimum (12) 10” softballs for practice, (6) New 10” home team game balls, Catchers helmet, Catchers chest protector, Catchers shin guards (small pair)
Equipment bag, (3) batters helmets (medium/large), Minimum (12) 11” softballs for practice, (6) New 11” home team game balls, Catchers helmet, Catchers chest protector, Catchers shin guards (pair)
Equipment bag, (2) batters helmets (large), Minimum (12) 12” softballs for practice,
(6) New 12” home team game balls, Catchers helmet, Catchers chest protector,
Catchers shin guards (pair)
Equipment bag, (1) batters helmet (large), Minimum (12) 12” softballs for practice,
(6) New 12” home team game balls, Catchers helmet, Catchers chest protector,
Catchers shin guards (pair)
Field Preparation:
Although we do have a Director of Playing Fields, it is the head coach’s responsibility to prepare the playing field prior to the game start, when in the role of “Home Team.”
Field preparation for tee-ball consists of an 8’ arc around the pitching rubber from 35’, a foul line running up both the first and third base side of the playing field, coaches lines in foul territory which will be 3 feet off of the line beside both first and third base and on deck circles.
Field preparation for 8U is the same as Tee-ball, except there will be batters boxes (templates in sheds at MES & PHS), a pitching rubber in the ground at 28” and a 12’ foul ball arc from the back point of the plate stretching from foul line to foul line.
Field preparation for 10U is the same as Tee-ball, except there will be batters boxes and pitching rubber in the ground at 35’. NO FOUL ARC.
Field preparation for 15U is the same as Tee-ball, except there will be batters boxes and a pitching rubber in the ground at 40’. NO FOUL ARC.
A suggestion is to have someone with prior experience aid you in your first attempt. You can call upon any other coach or board member for help, just give ample notice.
The supply and equipment sheds at MES and PHS each have combination locks and the entry combination will be issued at the Mandatory Coaches Meeting.
Your volunteerism is greatly appreciated and we only want the best for our players, families and coaches. We want every organization to know why MSA is “The place to play!” If you have questions, please ask and you will receive the answer you seek.
Thank you
MSA Board of Directors
Revised 07/17/2009