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People giving their time to MSA are what makes it so special.  One of the people who has donated countless hours to the MSA organization since its inception is our current President OLE SWENSON. 

Many of the MSA volunteers and board members recognize his numerous contributions.  Rae Truslow, a longtime MSA supporter and "time giver" himself, is recognizing Ole’s contribution this year by having a very special award made up for each team that will be voted on by team members and coaches.  Girls on each team can strive to win this award called the SWENSON AWARD this season!

 In essence the girl who gets the award will be the one who contributes the most to making their group of girls a team.  The ultimate team player award so to speak.  So it will not necessarily go to the best player on the team but the girl who always works well with others, makes the most of the practices and has a very positive attitude towards the whole team and coaching staff.  I think this is fitting that the award that recognizes the best team players we have in MSA, be called the Swenson Award.  OLE has truly made our MSA team special by all his contributions since its inception. 


Corinne Somers        Arboleda
Sydney Norman        Groulx
Hayley Ewert             Carlton
Sarah Laws               Hallman
Mandy Groulx               Turlington
Annie Adamson            McCaw
Courtni Barrett              Seymour
Katherine Southard       Combs
Dana Botiglione             Berkey
Lexi Payne                   Blatchford
Natalie Broder               Halloran